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What Advertisers Want from Radio


What do advertisers want from the audio marketplace in general and from radio in particular?

Let’s ask an agency head! Or in this case, an “anti-agency” head: Ric Militi, CEO of InnoVision, a company that buys terrestrial radio, Pandora, and a whole lot more.

This was one of the standout Q&A’s from hivio 2014, the audio future festival.

Among the questions Ric answers:

  1. What kind audio do you buy? Why?

  2. What is the BEST thing about the audio space from the advertiser’s perspective?

  3. How do you factor in — or overrule — Nielsen ratings in your decision-making?

  4. How do you see your buying decisions changing in the future?

  5. How is traditional radio missing out, if at all? What don’t broadcasters understand that they need to?

  6. What advice would you give to anyone in the audio space who wanted you to spend money with them?

  7. Do you spend on podcasts? Why/why not?

Watch this video:

Prefer audio? Try this:

Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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