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hivio 2016 – Glenn McQuaid and “Tales from Beyond the Pale”


The power of audio is more than just music or even “spoken word.”

With his partner Larry Fessenden, Glenn McQuaid is the co-creator of the extraordinary contemporary audio drama series “Tales from Beyond the Pale,” featuring voices you’ll recognize from artists like Vincent D’Onofrio, Sean Young, and the late, great horror legend Angus Scrimm.

In addition to writing and directing many episodes of Tales, Glenn is also well known for his feature film work – he was writer/director of the period horror/comedy I Sell The Dead, starring Larry Fessenden, Dominic Monaghan, and Ron Perlman. And he has written, directed, and provided visual effects on many other films.

Here is the video opening to Season 3 of Tales from Beyond the Pale:

This is not a free podcast. It’s something much bigger. Here are some of the questions we discussed in this Q&A from hivio 2016:

  1. You come from a filmmaker’s perspective – the visual art. Why audio? What is it that makes audio so powerful and compelling for you?

  2. Why did you create Tales from Beyond the Pale?

  3. Sound design is a major emphasis in Tales. Your partner Larry Fessenden was recently quoted as saying “I often fantasize about stripping away more and more of the dialogue and leaving the audience to navigate through pure sound”? Can you talk about that?

  4. Audio stories are less expensive to produce than video stories, but is it also more difficult to focus audience attention on them?

  5. You decided not to give away Tales as a free podcast. Why?

  6. What are your hopes and plans for monetization now that Tales is approaching Season 4? (e.g., syndication, live performance, etc.)

  7. Are you open to partnering with Public Radio, podcast platforms, and broadcasters?

Click here for the Q&A:

This is the final video from hivio 2016. Thanks to all who attended and to all who have viewed these videos online.


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