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hivio 2016: How to Transform Personalities into Digital Brands


Every high profile brand and personality must now think of themselves as digital brands, but how?

Chris Balfe has the answer.

He’s a Partner at Red Seat Ventures. Red Seat partners with high profile individuals and brands to build unique digital businesses. Initial clients include Premiere Networks and motion picture producer Blumhouse. Prior to founding Red Seat, Balfe was President & COO of Mercury Radio Arts as well as CEO of TheBlaze. TheBlaze pioneered a brand new direct-to-consumer subscription model, while became one of the top 100 website in the world.

Here are some of the questions we covered together:

  1. What does Red Seat Ventures do? And why does that matter?

  2. Who should be working with you, and what will you do for them?

  3. Suppose Howard Stern approached your company. What would you do for a show like that?

  4. Who are you looking for to work with?

  5. What do people in the audio space need to understand about the transition to digital?

This is essential viewing in an age when every personality on every platform must be digital, too.

Click here:

This is another of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

You’ll find them first here in this blog.


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