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WAVVE – A New Solution to Make Audio Viral

It’s one of the toughest problems facing any of us in the audio space: How do we leverage social media to spread our actual audio content?

This problem is made tougher by the fact that various social media platforms are all in on video and images, but not so much all in on audio.

There are a number of platforms available today that attempt to solve that problem and give your audio a chance to go viral. One of my favorites is WAVVE.

In this video I’m touring the brand new version of WAVVE with founder Baird Hall. As Baird says, this is the first public peek at their new platform!

We walk through why this platform matters and what problems it solves along with a brief tutorial on how to turn your audio into spreadable video. Watch:

We also touch on some best practices that you’ll definitely want to hear.

This conversation is part of my ongoing commitment to bring you effective tools and solutions to real problems in the radio and podcast space.

And since so much of what lands in your inbox nowadays is pay-for-play, you should know that this is not.

Check it out!

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