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The Secrets to Facebook Engagement for Radio


Now that Facebook is all but “pay for play,” what’s the best way for you to maximize your time and your investment on the platform as you build out your social media engagement for your radio brand?

No longer is it worth wasting time posting for posting’s sake.

And no longer is money involved in Facebook advertising so small that it doesn’t matter.

So what should you do? And what shouldn’t you do?

Those are the questions tackled in a new report based on an analysis of data from 800 million Facebook posts made in 2016. The researchers examined the number of shares, likes, and comments for each post as well as total engagement (combined shares, likes, and comments).

And here, in a nutshell, is what they found:

  1. Questions, images, and videos were more engaging than all other post types. Videos were most likely to be shared.

  2. The best day of the week for engagement was Sunday.

  3. Post engagement was higher whenever there was a lower volume of public posts in the news feed. There was an inverse relationship between low volume and high interaction, despite low volume periods coinciding with the overnight hours for many Facebook users.

  4. Short posts of less than 50 characters were more engaging than long posts.

  5. If a post linked to a piece of content outside Facebook, people engaged with it more if the link was to a longer article.

  6. During 2016, images posted directly to Facebook and not through Instagram were more engaging than images posted to Facebook via Instagram.

More recommendations, based on this research:

Use Facebook live, publish five times a week and experiment with posting outside of business hours. The key in any Facebook marketing strategy is to focus on offering value. Teaching them something useful, something that relates to a niche in which you are an expert, and doing so in an enjoyable way, Mari Smith suggests.

So here’s your assignment.

Go to your own radio brand’s Facebook page and do an inventory.

How many of your posts are questions, images, or videos (Facebook videos, not YouTube or other videos)?

To what extent do you have a strategy to post in off-peak periods?

What is the average number of characters in each post?

How many times per week are you posting?

Define the value of each post: In what ways is each post useful, informative, or entertaining?

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