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Key Takeaways from the hivio Radio Ideas Festival

What are the key takeaways from hivio, our inaugural radio ideas festival?

Listen and find out!

Earlier this week I was honored to be one of the featured interviews on the Radio Stuff Podcast published by Radio consultant and programmer Larry Gifford and radio personality and producer Deb Slater.

Larry and Deb summarized some of the key takeaways and included audio from Triton’s Patrick Reynolds and Sports Radio consultant Rick Scott, both of whom were part of the “hive” at hivio.

I think you’ll really enjoy this episode of Larry and Deb’s show, and it’s certainly something you should tune in to regularly.

Thanks to Larry and Deb!

Here’s the link to the audio:

If you’re getting this by email or of you don’t see the audio above you can find the audio here.

And if you haven’t signed up yet for hivio updates, maybe you should join almost 700 of your peers and the 1,000 people who have watched the live stream (so far)!

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