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How to Master Social Media


How can audio brands master social media?

What are the best practices in social media for audio brands? How should audio brands be thinking about social media strategy and the importance of influencers?

I was thrilled to have Jaclyn Johnson answer these and many other questions at hivio 2015.

Jaclyn is one of Forbes’ “Top 30 under 30.” Her company, [NO SUBJECT], is one of the go-to marketing, influencer and events agencies in Los Angeles, servicing brands such as Nasty Gal, Levi’s, Sprint, Baxter of California, Urban Decay and more.

Jaclyn has a keen understanding of what millennials desire, the importance of wrangling influencers, and how to put all that together in a potent social media strategy.

Among the questions I asked Jaclyn:

  1. What is [NO SUBJECT] and Create and Cultivate?

  2. Create and Cultivate is launching a podcast? Why a podcast?

  3. Audio for you is part of something larger. You focus on offline and online connection. Why?

  4. Millennials – what do marketers need to know?

  5. What are the ingredients for an effective social media strategy? What are the key steps?

  6. What do we get WRONG about social media?

  7. In audio, lots of social media activity is self-promotion. You base your social media efforts on storytelling. Describe that difference and why it matters.

  8. Influencers – who are they and why do they matter?

Lots of the advice followed by radio stations and others when it comes to social media is wrong. Find out why.

Watch this video:

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