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What Radio Can Learn from Pixar – Emma Coats at hivio 2014


If your brand is a story, then how can you best bring that story to life?

Who knows more about story that the artists who work at Pixar – past, present, and future?

In this conversation from hivio 2014, the audio future festival, Mark Ramsey talks with former Pixar story artist Emma Coats.

Emma got her start in story at Pixar Animation Studios in 2007 on the feature film Brave. While at Pixar she also worked on such films as Monsters University and Inside Out. Since leaving Pixar in 2012, Emma has worked on numerous projects for Dreamworks TV, Scott Free, Paramount Animation, and Rovio.

Among the questions I asked Emma:

– What is a story and why should we care? – Is it true that early on, all Pixar movies “suck”? – What is it like to work at Pixar? – What did you learn from Pixar? – Spotlight on several of the 22 “Rules of Storytelling”

There’s so much all of us in the audio space – commercial and non-commercial – can learn from Pixar.

Even if it’s as simple as the importance of experimentation and going beyond whatever you think is “good enough.”

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