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What Google+ and Hangouts can do for Radio Broadcasters


Among the presenters at this year’s hivio radio ideas festival were two Google execs: Gabriela D’Addario and Maggie Ferrante. They are part of the team introducing media companies to Google’s social and communication platforms: Google+ and Hangouts (I just peeked at Google+ and jumped on a live Q&A between the LA Times and Aaron Paul from AMC’s Breaking Bad).

We live-streamed hivio on Hangouts Live and built our event base on Google+, and it worked great.

It seems to me that any broadcaster with talent behind a mic – particularly those whose fortunes are made by those talents – would benefit from extending their platforms to the ones already heavily trafficked on Google+ and via Hangouts.

Picture a Sports host doing a behind-the-scenes video chat with fans during a live game. Picture a News host doing the same following a hot story. Those are just two examples.

Look, the future of radio is beyond radio. And that future only is one if it’s in the presence of fans on the platforms of their choosing. And Google+ is a fast-growing social platform.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this short presentation from Gaby and Maggie from hivio.

Prefer audio? Try this:

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