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This is how Pandora has Changed Audio Advertising


Pandora is changing more than the way folks consume radio – it’s changing the way agencies view audio advertising.

This was at the center of my conversation with Pandora VP Audio Sales Doug Sterne at the hivio audio future festival in San Diego in June, 2014.

Among the questions Doug answers:

  1. What impact has online radio in general — and Pandora in particular — had on audio as a force among agencies?

  2. For online radio, audio is more than just audio. What creative opportunities has online radio opened up for agencies and their clients?

  3. Mobile is obviously the direction all technology is headed in. What are the advantages of online radio in that space?

  4. Targeting — How does targeting continue to evolve, and how does that contribute to monetization?

  5. How does Pandora keep registration information up to date?

  6. What is the level of acceptance for online radio as an alternative to traditional radio for the advertisers you speak to?

  7. What does the advertising market want in terms of measurement?

You’ll particularly enjoy Doug’s response when asked why Nielsen can’t – or won’t – measure Pandora alongside the rest of the radio universe.

Watch this video:

Prefer audio? Try this:

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