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The Future of Radio Talent – iHeartMedia’s Dennis Clark at hivio


So you think the future of radio is shutting up to play more songs?

Think again.

Dennis Clark is iHeartMedia’s secret weapon when it comes to talent development. In this rare appearance before a U.S. audience at hivio 2015, Dennis talks about the future of talent and how talent is at the heart of radio’s and audio’s future.

Some of the questions Dennis addresses:

  1. How do you see the role of talent in radio and audio?

  2. What do talents most need to know that they don’t know

  3. What is the most common thing talents get wrong?

  4. What is “Personality branding”?

  5. What do you tell a Ryan Seacrest that helps him improve?

  6. Take me through your process…how do you approach coaching with talent?

  7. Where should we find talent?

If you’re a talent in radio or audio, this is a must-watch and must-share Q&A for you!

Watch this video:

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