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What YOUR Media Brand Can Learn from TheBlaze


What lessons can any media brand – even any radio brand – learn from TheBlaze?

TheBlaze is Glenn Beck’s innovative, genre-busting, hugely successful platform for news, information, and entertainment in TV, radio, and online. Since its launch, its digital operation has logged nearly six billion page views. In this conversation from hivio 2015, Mark Ramsey talks to Scott Baker, TheBlaze’s Editor-in-Chief.

Some of the questions we discuss:

  1. Define “TheBlaze”? What is it and why is it so big?

  2. What makes TheBlaze “work”? What’s its secret?

  3. How important is audio in general and Glenn’s show in particular to TheBlaze?

  4. People in audio tend to see audio in a silo – radio or online radio or podcasting. Audio is PART of TheBlaze, but not all of it. What should other brands born from audio and stuck in silos learn from that?

  5. What is the future of the brand? How will it grow?

  6. As Editor in Chief of TheBlaze how do you set editorial priorities? Why is this not Buzzfeed? Huff Po?

If you believe, as I do, that any brand on an audio platform is really a “transmedia” brand, then this is a conversation you will really enjoy and learn from.

Every media brand may be of one distribution channel or another, but it must not be limited to that distribution channel. Or at least if it is, it fails to maximize its potential. And that’s because consumers who love brands love them everywhere.

Click the video below to watch:

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