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Radio’s Future requires Innovation

When it comes to radio’s future, how important is it to try out stuff and take chances?

Very important, if you ask Beau Phillips, former Executive VP of Programming and Marketing at Dial Global.

Beau argues that your radio brand needs to be loved, not simply liked – on Facebook or anywhere else. That requires a new awareness for relevance and a bias for innovation. This is not optional!

Further, says Beau, Radio needs to make deeper emotional connections. “No more hollow slogans!”

From my perspective, the more the world is full of choices and the more convenient and ubiquitous those choices become, the more power rests the hands of consumers, and the more they use that power to choose the products and services that spark their passions.  Period.  Be loved (by somebody, not by everybody) or risk being ignored.

I have known Beau for a long time and he has always been a passionate advocate for product done well.  Check out this Q&A.  And if you want to contact Beau, he can be reached at 203-256-9347 or via email.


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