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How to Watch hivio LIVE – in ONE WEEK


hivio – the audio future festival – opens in ONE WEEK, and you can watch the whole thing stream LIVE.

hivio exists to gather executives from across the audio spectrum in one place at one time to touch the future. Commercial and public radio, online radio, podcasting, agencies, platforms, apps, and more. All mixing and mingling with folks they are unlikely to run into at any other event.

And onstage we have interviews with and presentations from the movers and shakers in the space, including:

  1. Anya Grundmann, NPR VP Programming & Audience Development – the person in charge of NPR’s content strategy across all platforms

  2. Todd Beck, President, Beck Media – the go-to guy for social media impact for movies and TV/cable networks

  3. Patricia Korth-McDonnell, Chief Marketing Officer, HUGE – whose clients include Target, Toyota, CNN, JetBlue and Disney

  4. Peter Kafka, Senior Editor, Media – Re/code – the man who has spoken to all the digital media movers and shakers

  5. Jesse Thorn, Host, Bullseye – a transmedia phenomenon, with a successful platform of podcasts, radio shows, and events

  6. Lizzie Widhelm, SVP Ad Product Sales and Strategy, Pandora

  7. Glenn McQuaid, Filmmaker and Co-Creator, “Tales from Beyond the Pale” – a stunningly executed audio experience

  8. Chris Balfe, Partner, Red Seat Ventures – the one-time head of Glenn Beck’s company, now taking other audio stars across platforms

  9. Parviz Parvizi, Co-Founder, Clammr – the amazing app that samples and spreads audio content to promote discovery

  10. Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer, Acast – the company cracking the puzzle on how to monetize podcasts and make them visual, too

  11. Ryan Cummins, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Omaze – a terrific platform that gives you the chance to live your dream experience by helping our world’s non-profit organizations realize their dreams – a much better alternative to radio contests

  12. Stefan Brock, VP Interactive, Alpha Media – a leader in digital strategies for radio broadcasters with some successes to share

  13. Valerie Geller, President, Geller Media International – the legendary audio talent coach

  14. Ryan Steelberg, President, Veritone Media – creator of powerful new tools to spread and monetize audio content

  15. Traug Keller, SVP, ESPN Audio – the architect of ESPN’s audio strategy

  16. Andy Bowers, Chief Content Officer, Panoply Media – one of the leading podcast platforms

  17. Howard Lapides, CEO, Lapides Entertainment, Talent Manager & TV Producer – the man who guided Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla, and Jimmy Kimmel from radio to TV

So how can you watch the event LIVE?

Click the “get notified” button in the image below:

…and if you’re reading this by email and no image appears, go here to the live stream page and click “add to calendar”.

There you’ll also see the full agenda for both days of the event.

Also like us on Facebook and you’ll get all the updates as the event is underway.

We’re on Twitter here.

And use #hivio on Facebook and Twitter.

See you in one week! LIVE from LA.

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