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How Audio Platforms Can Monetize Content Marketing


This is one of my favorite Q&A’s from this year’s hivio audio future festival.

Content marketing is one of the hottest new trends among brands worldwide, and the audio space is primed to excel in this area because audio media companies have been creating content for decades.

So how can audio media companies leverage their own content across platforms and help brands embrace this trend?

Robert Rose is Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute. He’s also co-host with Joe Pulizzi of the terrific podcast “This Old Marketing.”

Robert addresses these and other questions:

  1. What is “content marketing”?

  2. What are some examples of brands using audio in their content marketing?

  3. How important is it for audio brands (like radio, online radio, etc.) to create content across channels – not simply audio and not simply via their primary means of distribution?

  4. What about creating audio CONTENT for brands? Not simply spots? How can the desire of brands for content be satisfied by today’s audio brands? After all, nobody knows audio better than the folks in the space now.

  5. It seems that many brands are transforming into media brands. True? Why?

  6. And many media brands are getting into the product business. Again, why? What opportunities does THAT create for today’s audio brands?

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