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Bringing Audio Together – the Magic of AGOGO with J.D. Heilprin


If all your favorite audio content is all over the place in a variety of different channels, why can’t you aggregate it all in one place?

Well, now you can!

J.D. Heilprin is founder of AGOGO, a stealthy mobile-first startup that was recently featured in the iTunes store as “best new app” and “top news app.”

Much more than aggregating podcasts, AGOGO is a platform bringing together a world of audio (and the audio form of TV and textual media content made audio) in one place, and lets the user create his or her own channels. What’s fascinating about this app is that it disaggregates content from traditional channels to let users experience that content in their own way – and it’s not just radio content.

Want NPR content (including content not available by podcasting) but not via NPR’s silo (a limitation of NPR’s new app NPR One)? Here it is! Feel free to mix it with your favorite Adam Carolla podcasts and audio feeds from your favorite TV shows and text-to-speech from influential media publishers. All in one place.

Want to dive deep on Iggy Azalea? Listen to an Iggy Azalea song then discover an interview with the artist or catch up on the latest Iggy Azalea news – all here!

Here are some of the questions I asked J.D.:

  1. What is the problem you set out to solve with AGOGO?

  2. What is AGOGO?

  3. You don’t distinguish between the source of the audio in your content – it’s from all over and includes even text to speech and TV audio. Why?

  4. How can broadcasters and others get involved?

Also enjoy a slick demo of the platform.

Please watch and share this video:

Prefer audio?

Try this: 

Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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