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The Future of Radio In a Nutshell


Want to hear some great ideas on the future of radio and the role of what we sometimes call “podcasting” in it?

Then watch this video. It’s the New Media Show from Geek News Central with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, and I am their featured guest this week.

We cover a TON of ground in this conversation, including…

  1. How should Apple’s iTunes Radio and Podcast app evolve?

  2. Why radio should consider podcasters to be their “farm team”

  3. A strategy for radio to monetize the most popular podcasts

  4. The unfortunate truth about radio’s obsession with “local”

  5. Why “podcasting” is a horrible name – and so is “spoken word”

  6. The critical importance of distribution

  7. The REAL problems of discovery

  8. Will we ever see a Pandora for non-music content?

  9. What will happen to music-oriented stations as technology continues to evolve?

  10. What Clear Channel should do with just one station

And that’s just what I remember off the top of my head.

Here’s the video:

Or watch it here.

Yes, it’s long. But I think it would be a worthwhile investment if you care about the future of the industry.

Because here’s the thing about the future of radio….

There is none – until YOU make it.


And thanks to Todd and Rob for the time and the showcase today.

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