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The Amazing Advertising Impact of Podcasts – PodcastOne’s Mike Agovino


Podcasting is helping millions of listeners fall in love with audio all over again. That’s from the perspective of someone who has been at the center of radio, digital, and now podcasting.

Mike Agovino is Executive Vice Chairman of PodcastOne and former COO of Triton Digital – two firms at the core of the new age of digital audio.

In this conversation from hivio, the audio future festival, Mark Ramsey talks with Agovino about the amazing impact of podcasting for advertisers and how, in many ways, the medium is a throwback to an earlier era of radio, dominated by compelling personalities.

Just how effective is podcasting for advertisers?

What are the keys to unlocking podcasting’s revenue potential?

What are the opportunities for traditional radio brands to gain significant traction in podcast growth and monetization? How do they make it happen?

Those are just some of the questions Mike answers in this frank and revealing conversation.

Watch this video:

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