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Media Unplugged: BuzzFeed’s Viral Secrets / Netflix vs. Hollywood – Again


It’s episode 4 of Media Unplugged, and Tom Asacker and Mark Ramsey reveal the secret to BuzzFeed’s video success and uncover the real story underlying Netflix’s attack on the movie business.

First, we discuss the magical pixie dust that makes BuzzFeed’s viral videos go viral and what that has to do with tapping consumer desire.

Second, Netflix fires a bullet to the heart of theatrical distribution with their first-ever original motion picture, a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Also, Tom raves about the quality of TV content, but rants that they all seem to air on Sunday!

Meanwhile, Mark rants about Joan Rivers’ amazing ability to sing the praises of her new iPhone 6 – despite dying before the iPhone 6 was released.

Special thanks once again to our new producer! Jeff Schmidt – Exciting Audio for Media.

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Just click the “play” button here:

And if you’re reading this via email, here’s the link to the audio.

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