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LIVE Q&A with Gordon Borrell and Mark Ramsey on Radio’s Future


So what’s ahead for the radio industry and the folks who work in it?

That’s one of the subjects of Borrell Associates‘ new report: The Future of Legacy Media.

TUNE IN LIVE and watch Mark Ramsey talk with Gordon Borrell about this new report and its implications for the industry.

It’s Tuesday, January 21 at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

Want to jump in and ask questions while the Q&A is LIVE? Go here to view and interact with us in Facebook in real time.

Missed the live event or just want to sit back and watch? Then tune in during or after the live event and watch this video:

Thanks to Borrell Associates for making this event possible.

Thanks also to AllAccess for co-presenting this event with Mark Ramsey Media.

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