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hivio – the Radio Ideas Festival – is THURSDAY!

And if you’re not here in San Diego in person, you can watch it live!

It’s the first-ever radio ideas festival and it’s happening on Thursday this week. It’s FREE – and it’s invitation-only.

We have a room full of people attending at a quirky downtown San Diego location. The day will include in-depth Q&A with brands, agencies, and media as well as trend-defining presentations.

It will stream live in two parts – morning and afternoon. I’ll update this blog post to share the URL’s for those streams when they’re available on Thursday.

Home-base for the event is And the video will be embedded there. Sign up over there if you haven’t already.

We have a Google+ event page, where more than 120 folks have RSVP’d so far. The video will live there, too. Plus you’ll be able to provide your own color commentary of the happenings.

You can follow us on Twitter – and if you Tweet us up, be sure to use #hivio.

After the event, we’ll be crunching video segments which will be made available for free. Eventually they will all make their way to this blog and elsewhere.

The event is built to gather ideas that relate to radio from folks who are not in radio per se. Here’s the lineup for Thursday (all times are PT):

  1. Mark Ramsey – Event introduction and Opening Presentation 8:30 – 8:55

  2. Samantha Migdal – UBER Introduction 8:55 – 9

  3. Chad Robley, CEO of Digital Agency Mindgruve Q&A – 9 – 9:45

  4. 15 minute BREAK

  5. Michael Warburton, Brand Manager of San Diego Zoo Global Q&A – 10 – 10:45

  6. Bryce Clemmer, Founder of Vadio (Presentation) 10:45 – 11:15

  7. Gabriela D’Addario and Maggie Ferrante from Google (Presentation) 11:15 – Noon

  8. 60 Minute Lunch BREAK

  9. Tom Conrad, CTO of Pandora – Q&A 1 – 2PM

  10. Mike Hodges, President and COO at UTSanDiego Q&A 2 – 2:45

  11. 15 minute BREAK

  12. Patrick Reynolds, Chief Strategy Officer of Triton Digital (Presentation) 3 – 3:30

  13. Gary Kramer, founder of National Comedy Theatre – Q&A and demo! 3:30 – 4:15

  14. Sandy Hurst, COO of SoCast (Presentation) 4:15 – 4:45

  15. Mark Ramsey – Event wrapup 4:45 – 5

Lots of Q&A and some stellar presentations. No panels, no conference rooms, and – for better or worse – no cocktail parties.

Thanks to NuVooDoo and all the other event partners!

See you on Thursday, live!

And if you’re here for the big event, welcome to San Diego!

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