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Your Station Can be Featured in a Major Motion Picture


You want your radio or TV station’s name to appear in a major motion picture, don’t you?

What about your star personality’s or your morning show’s name?

Of course you do. What broadcaster doesn’t?

You want your name up in lights!

Well you’re in luck. Since movies are one of my things, I’ve arranged with the producers of the forthcoming movie version of the web series phenomenon Fear Clinic to create a spot for your station’s name or the name of your star personality! And as the movie’s writer/producer acknowledged to me, the price is a real bargain.

Picture horror legend Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Kreuger) snarling out your call letters.

Imagine Kane Hodder (Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface) screaming aloud your morning show’s name.

Visualize Danielle Harris, who has battled Halloween’s Michael Myers more often than Jamie Lee Curtis herself, spit out your station name as she arches that genre-famous eyebrow of hers.

Yes, it can all come true. Because all three of these legendary horror stars will be featured in the Fear Clinic movie.

There’s only ONE spot available, so make me proud and grab it now. Think of the on-air content possibilities, too!

Here’s the pitch from the filmmakers themselves:

Represent a TV or radio station in the US? Want to see your broadcast outlet’s name up in lights? Give us the name of your station and most popular personality and marvel as it comes out of the mouth of one of the characters on screen. Danielle Harris or Robert Englund or Kane Hodder will mention your brand in a real theatrical movie. Plus we’ll provide a clip of the mention for your publicity purposes! Post it on your competition’s Facebook and drive them nuts!

And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to drive their competition nuts?

And watch this for more information (or click here):

Good luck to you, and please spread the word! Come on, it’s cheap!

And, just a warning: Don’t talk movies with Robert Englund unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure European cinema, because this guy knows everything about movies.


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