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Win a FREE TICKET to hivio 2016

Want a free front-and-center ticket to hivio 2016, the audio future festival?

Here’s how to get one.

Click the image below and enter your name and email. The more you tell friends and acquaintances about hivio, the better your chances to lock in your free seat!

But act fast, the contest ends in ONE WEEK.


Just who will you be rubbing shoulders with?

In random order…

  1. Anya Grundmann, NPR’s VP Programming & Audience Development.

  2. Ian Grace, CEO of Virgin Radio International

  3. Jesse Thorn, host and creator of the NPR show Bullseye

  4. Andy Bowers, Chief Content Officer of the hot new podcasting platform Panoply Media

  5. Valerie Geller, talent coach extraordinaire

  6. Patricia Korth-McDonnell, the CMO of digital agency HUGE, whose clients include Target, Toyota, CNN, Jetblue, and Disney

  7. Peter Kafka, senior media editor of Re/code

  8. Lizzie Widhelm, SVP Ad Product Sales and Strategy for Pandora

  9. Chris Balfe, Red Seat Ventures and the man who helped turn Glenn Beck into a media empire

  10. Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr, an audio sharing and discovery platform

  11. Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer of Acast, which is transforming the storytelling power of audio

  12. Stefan Brock, VP Interactive for Alpha Media who has lots of innovative digital strategies to share

  13. Ryan Cummins, Co-founder of OMAZE, an amazing contesting platform for once-in-a-lifetime experiences

  14. Howard Lapides, the talent manager who evolved Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Dr. Drew from radio to TV

  15. Glenn McQuaid, the filmmaker who produces the amazing audio series “Tales from Beyond the Pale”

  16. Todd Beck, CEO of Beck Media, and the go-to guy for social media for the Movie and TV industry

Want your free ticket? Enter now.

And if you want a sure thing, go here to buy yours or for more info about hivio.

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