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This Will Revolutionize Radio Ad Sales


If you’re trying to grow radio ad revenue (or ad revenue from any audio or video platform), you should watch this presentation from Veritone Media’s Ryan Steelberg.  It will change forever your sense of what you can sell and how you can sell it. Ryan was one of the speakers at hivio 2016.

And if you’re trying to spread your content across platforms (and who isn’t?), this video is for you, too.

Veritone Media’s big data solution ingests and indexes all of your content, and that means everything on any topic on your audio platform can be analyzed, searched on-demand, and turned into actionable data which can be monetized directly by your sellers.

It’s native advertising on steroids.

And beyond that, Veritone has some amazing tech which enables search, discovery, and amplification of your content across many platforms. Impressive stuff when you’re trying to spread your content around easily and effectively, and it beats any other solution I’ve seen.

Watch this Q&A.

More about the Veritone platform here.

This is another of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

You’ll find them first here in this blog.


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