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Radio: What Happened to BIG?


A few weeks ago I was very pleased and flattered to be part of the opening presentation at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference in Portland.

The PRPD is always one of my favorite events because every single person in the room is on a content- and service-based mission to make their communities and the lives of folks in them better. They are passionate about what they’re doing. As one of the speakers said, “nobody here is getting rich doing this.”

The theme of all the opening presentations was the same: What’s enduring about Public Radio, even in the face of dramatic technological and behavioral change?

My angle was to question our tech-based assumption that “small is the new big,” that unless something is personalized it has diminishing value. As I asked in the presentation: What happened to BIG? Does BIG matter anymore?

You’ll quickly see that this theme applies to all radio, not simply the non-commercial kind.

You can watch my whole (short) presentation here, courtesy of Arthur Cohen and the kind folks at PRPD. I think you’ll enjoy it:

Threads of this presentation will be familiar to you if you’ve seen my hivio opener, but you’ll also note some pretty interesting differences. If you like the presentation, please share it!

If you want to see ALL the opening presentations (which were excellent and likewise short), go here.

Thanks again to the PRPD and to my hero, Arthur Cohen.

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