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Proof that Terrestrial Radio Can Make Money Streaming


I’m tired of certain “chiefs” of the radio industry who diminish the prospect of making money from streaming, as if Internet radio is altogether different from or irrelevant to the future of broadcast tower licensees.


Further, when these individuals proudly proclaim “there’s no money to be made in streaming” and “I’ve never met any broadcaster who has made money streaming,” they are not only expressing ignorance, they are also granting permission for an entire industry to fail in the fastest growing category of radio there is: The one online.

So today I thought I would lead by example.

Watch this conversation with Megan Kennedy, the Integrated Sales Manager of Local Media San Diego, a cluster of three leading FM’s in the San Diego market.

Local Media San Diego is making lots of money from their streaming efforts and not substituting over the air dollars or simulcasting their over the air signal in order to do it.

Please watch and share this video:

Prefer audio?

Try this: 

Across the country, thousands of broadcasters are monetizing streaming. Don’t believe the naysayers who say it can’t be done! I could interview a new broadcaster every day for the rest of my life and still not run out of broadcasters monetizing their streams.

Think your radio brand can’t make money via online streaming?

Think again.

You simply have to make it a priority, develop a strategy, work the plan, and reap the rewards.

Later this week, I’ll write about how thinking of your streaming brands as “all new stations” opens up tremendous opportunities for broadcasters which many today aren’t even imagining.

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