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How Broadcasters Can Monetize Their Mobile Apps


I have long argued that radio broadcasters demand too little of their mobile apps.

Yes, they can stream the over-the-air content. But so can your radio. What else can they do?

What about your app is so essential, so engaging, such an important complement to the over-the-air and streaming experience that it demands not only that I download it, but that I also use it on a regular basis?

And here’s the proof in the pudding: 1.8 million dollars in new revenues for their broadcast partners.

Not 1.8 million downloads.

Not 1.8 million hours of listening.

1.8 million dollars of fresh revenue.

And that’s without waiting for legislation to install FM chips in mobile devices.

That’s right now.

Watch this short Q&A with Clip Interactive EVP Bill Freund:

Prefer audio?

Try this: 

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I especially like the distinction Bill paints between “streaming apps” and “mobile apps.” An app that converts your mobile phone into a radio is less valuable, less desirable, and less likely to be used, than one which enables new interactions, new engagement opportunities, and new value for consumers, clients, and broadcasters, all.

The radio industry needs to think beyond the speakers, because at the other end of those speakers are real people – people with loves and hates and needs and desires. People who thrive in a world of interaction at the touch of a button.

People who want us to interact with them.

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