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hivio Radio Ideas Festival – the Morning Sessions

We had a full house and a massive amount of social media conversation last week for the debut of, the first-ever radio ideas festival, a free event in San Diego.

The event streamed live. Click the video/image below to watch the morning sessions (tomorrow I’ll post the afternoon ones).

Because this is a real-time stream, feel free to scrub to whatever point in the morning that interests you. Over the coming weeks we will be publishing every individual Q&A and presentation – we had four video cameras in the room and made full use of them!

The morning kicked off with my presentation which set the stage for the day.

(If the video isn’t visible in your country, sit tight – individual videos are on the way)

Here’s the full morning lineup:

  1. Mark Ramsey, Mark Ramsey Media

  2. Samantha Migdal from UBER

  3. Chad Robley, CEO of Digital Agency Mindgruve

  4. Michael Warburton, Brand Manager of San Diego Zoo Global

  5. Bryce Clemmer, Founder of Vadio

  6. Gabriela D’Addario and Maggie Ferrante from Google

Tune in tomorrow for the afternoon video, which will include Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora.

For updates on the event, sign up at

There you can also see the amazing archive of social media chatter the event generated.

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