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Digital Media: What’s in Store for 2013

I’ll focus on some highlights relevant to broadcasters:

  1. Facebook users:  147 million, up 4%

  2. Twitter users: 36 million, up 14%

  3. Smartphone users: 138 million, up 19%

  4. Mobile Internet users: 144 million, up 18%

  5. Mobile video viewers: 23% of the population, up 20%

  6. Smartphone video viewers: 22% of the population (and more than half of smartphone users): up 22%

  7. Online movie viewers: 27% of the population, up 16%

  8. Online TV viewers: 35% of the population, up 13%

  9. Tablet users: 31% of the population, up 42%

So the quick answer to the question of “what’s in store” is…more.

And in the cases of mobile and mobile video and tablets, the answer is…a LOT more.

At the very least this should drive home this point:

A digital strategy is not optional, and a half-baked digital strategy is worse than none at all.

Further, while we debate what websites should look like and what streams should do, consumers are voting with their actions and moving their attention rapidly to mobile devices and tablets.  That means you must live in all those destinations and your crap must work there.

I just picked a radio station at random (I won’t mention the name) and plugged them into my iphone.  Their website is not “responsive” – that is, it’s not made to scale to different platforms and still look like it is intended to be seen there.  I go to the stream link and click it – the stream opens, along with the “Get Adobe Flash Player” warning, meaning I can’t hear the stream this way on my device.

So I have a site that ill fits my device and a function I can’t use on my device.

So what’s in store for this station in 2013?  Some disgruntled digital consumers, that’s what.  Assuming they stick around at all.

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