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Announcing: hivio 2016 – Get your TIX now!


What is it?

One of the coolest events of the year, hivio brings together more than 100 of the most influential people in audio and media for two days of candid, unscripted conversation.

This is not your father’s NAB (no offense intended, NAB).

Amazing thought-leaders and provocative presentations. No boring panels. No celebrity keynoters.

hivio is LIVE in LA on June 2 and 3, 2016 at the Andaz West Hollywood.

Early-bird tickets are available for a limited time and in limited quantities! We have only 100 seats TOTAL, and they will all be full.

Who’s onstage?

Here’s just a sampling in no particular order (the lineup continues to grow):

  1. Andy Bowers, Chief Content Officer, Panoply Media

  2. Lizzie Widhelm, SVP Ad Product Sales and Strategy, Pandora

  3. Chris Balfe, Partner, Red Seat Ventures

  4. Parviz Parvizi, Founder, Clammr

  5. Glenn McQuaid, Filmmaker and Co-Creator, “Tales from Beyond the Pale”

  6. Ryan Cummins, Co-Founder/Co-CEO Omaze

  7. Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer, ACAST

  8. Valerie Geller, President, Geller Media International

  9. Stefan Brock, VP Interactive, Alpha Media

  10. Howard Lapides, CEO, Lapides Entertainment, Talent Manager & TV Producer

  11. (just added) Todd Beck, President, Beck Media (Todd is the go-to guy for social media for Movies and TV)

  12. (just added) Peter Kafka, Media Editor, Re/code

Why should you care?

hivio is for you if:

  1. You believe that radio, online radio, podcasting – everything that targets ears – is part of something larger

  2. You feel consumers, not broadcasters, are in charge

  3. You want to mingle with thought leaders from across the audio spectrum, people who are making the future a reality

  4. You feel new business models are key to the future of audio platforms

  5. You want to know what the future is and plan for it before it overtakes you

  6. You want to be in a room full of audio industry professionals excited about the future

What you should tell your boss…

Dear Boss:

What would it be worth in our organization for me to rub elbows with the most influential leading thinkers and doers in the audio space and bring all that insight and all those connections back to you? Would it help if I learned some new angles on growing and satisfying audiences? Would it help I learned some new tactics on gaining a competitive advantage over our competitors for ad dollars no matter what media platform they come from? Would it help if I learned some new money-making strategies for local media markets? Would it help if I learned some valuable new social media tricks? Now, is all of that worth a measly $299? You bet it is! Thanks Boss! I’ll buy my ticket now!

The truth is…

I don’t do hivio every year because it makes a bundle of money. It does not. I do it because it makes a tangible difference in the audio space for the thousands of broadcasters, podcasters, digital execs, advertisers, and others who have been touched by this content.

I invite you to experience hivio for yourself. Buy your ticket now.

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