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After that Radio Job….

It has been a day of dazzling conversations for me on behalf of one non-radio client.

From emails and conversations with movie studios, a TV network, major entertainment blogs, and even a Hangout with the folks at Google, it’s all about drumming up action surrounding an event – a piece of content.

It’s a reminder that stars align around worthy content – worthy ideas made real.

Activity and ideas and passion and interest are attracted to activity and ideas and passion and interest. Good ideas and the people who make them can sniff each other out. They want to dance together.

As more layoffs roll through the radio industry, it’s useful to remember that while almost no trauma is greater than the loss of a job, nobody can take away your ideas and passions and interests and your opportunity to connect those with others of like minds and like hearts.

Radio has always been about people, not technology.  The latter is only a mechanism to make more of the former.  And at a time when technology is ever more central to our lives, the importance of personality – of people – has never been greater.

What am I doing with movie studios, a TV network, major entertainment blogs, and Google?

I’m doing what you’ll be doing tomorrow.

And it beats what you were doing yesterday.

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