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A Tale of Two Tees

As part of hivio, the audio future festival, I’m producing a free t-shirt for all who attend.

My instructions to the designers were to represent the power of audio – the theme of the event.

I took the leading ideas and did a poll for folks who were interested in hivio, and that poll had some clear results.

This was the winner:


And this design was the runner-up.


The final decision, of course, was mine. So now I’m going to tell you why I picked the runner-up over the “winner.”

Praise was effusive for the leader: “Now that says audio!” one person wrote. And indeed it does.

But here’s what it doesn’t say:


While the first design is aesthetically superb, its centers on gadgetry rather than the one most important reason people will consume audio information and entertainment, especially in an era when their favorite songs can be found everywhere: The people behind the microphones.

So I went with #2. I chose humanity over technology. I chose the victory of the human spirit over Skynet.

The power of audio is in its people.

That’s why I picked the second design. That’s why I created hivio. And that’s why the only way to get your own hivio tee is to come on June 4 and 5 in LA.

For more information about the event and who’s on stage with me go here. And to pick up a bargain-priced ticket, go here or use this web form.

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