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You are Invited to hivio 2016 – the Audio Future Festival


There are events for radio and online radio and digital and local revenue and commercial and public and Christian broadcasters, but there’s no event for people across the audio space to gather together in one place at one time.

Audio is one medium, and hivio, the audio future festival, is that one event.

I’m proud to announce that tickets are available for the fourth annual hivio audio future festival – in Los Angeles on June 2 and 3, 2016.

Who’s on the stage?

We have a confidant of Virgin’s Richard Branson. We have a digital agency CMO who works for many of the world’s most important brands. We have a social media guru whose work is famous in TV and movies. We have executives from Pandora and Alpha Media and the hot new podcasting company Panoply. We have the founder of one audio sharing and discovery platform and an executive from another which is transforming the storytelling power of audio with pictures. We’ll be talking about dynamic ad insertion and monetization strategies. We have the man who talks to the biggest media names in Silicon Valley and the man who helped turn Glenn Beck into a media empire and now can do the same for you. All that and much more.

All we need…is you.

Yes, hivio is now open to the public, but we’re limited to only 75 seats and we WILL SELL OUT, so ACT NOW.

The lineup (in random order):

  1. Ian Grace, CEO of Virgin Radio International

  2. Andy Bowers, Chief Content Officer of the hot new podcasting platform Panoply Media

  3. Valerie Geller, talent coach extraordinaire

  4. Patricia Korth-McDonnell, the CMO of digital agency HUGE, whose clients include Target, Toyota, CNN, Jetblue, and Disney

  5. Peter Kafka, senior media editor of Re/code

  6. Lizzie Widhelm, SVP Ad Product Sales and Strategy for Pandora

  7. Chris Balfe, Red Seat Ventures and the man who helped turn Glenn Beck into a media empire

  8. Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr, an audio sharing and discovery platform

  9. Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer of Acast, which is transforming the storytelling power of audio

  10. Stefan Brock, VP Interactive for Alpha Media who has lots of innovative digital strategies to share

  11. Ryan Cummins, Co-founder of OMAZE, an amazing contesting platform for once-in-a-lifetime experiences

  12. Howard Lapides, the talent manager who evolved Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Dr. Drew from radio to TV

  13. Glenn McQuaid, the filmmaker who produces the amazing audio series “Tales from Beyond the Pale”

  14. Todd Beck, CEO of Beck Media, and the go-to guy for social media for the Movie and TV industry

This is a one-of-a-kind event and, without question, THE place to be if you’re working in the audio space.

For more information about hivio, go here.

And if you want to get your tickets at a heavily discounted price (for a limited time only), go here:

And what do your peers have to say?

“I had a blast at Hivio and consider it a must-attend conference. Some of the most inspired media innovators come together in an unconventional setting to share ideas and information. Mark’s fast-paced, engaging format sets the stage for essential insight into what’s going to happen next in audio media, Hivio is a must” – Paul Goldstein,

“Hivio was a brilliant experience both personally and professionally. The room was filled with like-minded people who were connected by their passion for radio and the challenge of maintaining our relevance. Hivio is the antidote to every head-in-sand, nothing-to-see-here radio event that happens in the states which never really address the real issues facing the industry.” – Craig Bruce, Former Head of Content, Southern Cross Austereo

​”You will take away something useful from every guest and topic, and enjoy every surprise (Darth Vader showed up one year). You will meet people from across the globe and across a wide collection of endeavors – some you wouldn’t think apply to your interests, but you’ll come away enlightened and energized. The food is good, as well.” – Ralph Cipolla, Cumulus

See you at hivio in June at hivio 2016 in LA!

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