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Why You Should Bother


What does it have to do with your core business?

Why should you even bother?

We’re stretched too thin. There’s no time.

You might think all of these objections would face the folks at NBC News, too. They are, after all, a TV news division and always under the scrutiny of profit-obsessed overlords.

Why bother?

Because it’s good business to create warm feelings for an NBC anchor of a show the network hopes you will watch, in part, because you like the man who’s hosting it.

Because you might just subscribe to NBC News videos on YouTube, thus opting in to their feed, deepening your relationship with their brand, and giving them an edge next time you’re flipping channels to decide which network’s news show you want to watch.

Because it’s a classic tale that everyone has a warm spot for at this time of year. And it’s good business for a brand to acknowledge that it loves the things you do, too.

Because…well, just because.

It’s Christmas.


Happy Holidays.

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