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Why Doesn’t Radio use “Add to Calendar”?

Why Doesn't Radio use "Add to my Calendar"?

I spend my day inviting others to meetings and accepting invitations from others.

And I do it the same way you do, by sending or accepting those little “add to calendar” invitations.

So here we are, radio broadcasters, driving tune-in to an appointment-based medium where appointments are clearly rewarded by Arbitron at ratings time.

And I personally have never seen a broadcaster invite any listener to add anything to their calendars with the simplicity of a “click.”

That doesn’t mean nobody has done it – just that I have never seen it.  And judging from some of the response to this issue on my Facebook page where I posted this question originally, I’m not the only one.

What’s the point of having a “permission asset” that includes email if you’re not going to use it to invite those fans to things that would interest them at particular days and times?

Want me to listen to you?

Invite me.

Maybe you’ll end up in my calendar.

Especially when I am at every radio broadcaster’s favorite listening post:  The workplace.

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