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Watch the Opening Session of the Worldwide Radio Summit LIVE Online

In a first for the radio industry, the opening session of an upcoming industry event is being streamed LIVE online and you can watch it from the comfort of your own desk – for free!

I’m talking about the first annual Worldwide Radio Summit next week in LA.  It’s brought to you by All Access.

I am moderating the opening session, and you are invited to watch.  Here are the details:


9-10:30 am PT, Friday April 29, 2011

Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends and future forecast for “all things radio.” Whether it be terrestrial, digital, satellite, online, mobile — radio remains the world’s strongest communicator of sound. Radio’s interaction with audience now connects via various touch points around the globe. Our panel will focus on where radio is going from a cumulative, revenue, technology, ratings, marketing, ownership and policy initiative stand-point. Get an incredible insight from our experts on how you as a vested partner in radio can prepare for radio’s future benefit to you.

Moderated by: Mark Ramsey – President, Mark Ramsey Media


Bill Moore – CEO TuneIn Radio, RadioTime

John Dickey – COO, Cumulus Broadcasting

Lee Abrams – Formerly Chief Innovation Officer Tribune, Chief Programming Officer XM

Mike Agovino – COO, Triton Media Group

Gerrit Meier — COO Digital, Clear Channel Radio

To RSVP for this (free) LIVE event, click here (look for the event and click the “RSVP” button.  You will be reminded prior to the event so you can tune in when we go live):

Once you check in, you’ll be able to chat live with other viewers and with me on stage.  I’ll try to take your questions along with those of the audience on-site.

Don’t miss it.

And please spread the word.

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