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The Secret to Attracting Attention

“The key to getting and holding attention is having something new happen continually.”


What are you doing to earn attention?

Remember, attention is earned, not forced.  Promotion may be designed to result in attention, but attention is the audience’s gift to you, not a toll you levy on them that they are forced to pay.  People must give it willingly and only because you deserve it.

So what are you doing to earn – rather than force – attention?

If the key is to have something new happen continually, then what is new in your world?  And how often does this novelty interrupt the comfortable blanket of consistency that often cloaks our brands?

In our zeal to be consistent it’s far too easy to sacrifice what’s new.  In our zeal to look over our shoulders to see what others in our formats are doing, it’s easy to forget that they are looking over their shoulders at you, too.  And in a world where everyone benchmarks off everyone else the chances are slim that anything new will emerge.  And the result will be boredom.  Audience attention will follow the novelty – it will follow what’s cool and sexy and fresh.  Want to know why radio doesn’t get better PR? The answer is because radio rarely deserves better PR.

Have something new happen continually.  Stick out your neck and take a considered risk.

It’s the only way to earn the attention – let alone the love – of an audience.

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