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The Battle Between Taylor Swift and Spotify: And the Winner Is…


It’s Spotify vs. Country superstar Taylor Swift!

And the winner is…

Yes, there is a winner – and it may not be whom you think.

Plus, does the end of Honey Boo Boo really mean the end of trash reality TV?

It’s episode 7 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. If you haven’t listened yet, this episode – about the conflict between shifting business models in the music industry (and what a “stream” really is) is the one to check out.

I think you may be surprised by our take:

Click the play button here:

And if you’re reading this by email, click here for the audio.

For show notes go to the Media Unplugged site.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Media Unplugged at Stitcher or on iTunes (for you RSS jockeys, here’s the feed).

And tweet us at @tomasacker and @markramseymedia using #mediaunplugged if you have any comments or content ideas.

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