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Our Podcasts are a Mess – Here’s how to Make Them Better

Most broadcasters get the logic for providing audio content online by streaming and on-demand.

We focus a lot on streaming because it’s most analogous to what we do on the air, but we don’t focus much on the function of people searching for audio content they want and consuming it on their own timetable.  Whether we call this “podcasting” or something else, it doesn’t matter.  It remains something that many stations do, but very few do particularly well.

Why do so many stations do this so poorly?  Because they don’t know what it takes to do it well.  They don’t know the best practices.  They don’t know how to envision “success.”  So instead, they envision an audio archive, a library of morning shows or talk shows.  A library that is tough to discover, tough to search for, tough to consume, tough to take mobile, and tough to share.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln….

There’s a lot to learn from the way consumers use video.  So says Gil Edwards, and he should know.

Gil is a former program director and now the VP Content for Quaker Media, which owns (among other things) video clipping and sharing site RedLasso, where Gil learned firsthand what it takes to bring audiences to online content en masse.

I talked with Gil about the opportunities for radio to get a ton more attention from their online audio content (even if that means making it online video content).

This is a really important conversation about a topic that should be near and dear to the broadcaster’s heart:  Maximizing the value of our over-the-air content on a digital on-demand platform.

Watch this:

Prefer audio?  Try this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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