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Media Unplugged Ep 2 – Big Media Sheds Advertising and the NFL Says “Pay to Play”


This is episode 2 of Media Unplugged, the brand-spanking new podcast created by yours truly and that one-of-a-kind branding authority, consultant, speaker, and author, Tom Asacker.

Every other week, Media Unplugged will go behind the big media spin to spell out what’s really happening and what it really means to media, brands, and consumers.

This week: Tom and I take on two topics:

First, big media brands are relying less and less on advertising for their bread and butter. We deep-dive into this and spell out what it means for media brands like yours.

Second, the NFL will reportedly seek compensation from any artist who performs in the halftime of the Super Bowl. Pay to play! A bad idea or one whose time has come?

In our “rants and raves” section, Tom will touch on a clever – maybe too clever – attempt to use media to stop littering in Toronto. And I’ll discuss an incredibly misguided promotional effort to pitch #headlessday in association with TV’s Sleepy Hollow…on the very day a journalist was beheaded in the Middle East.

This show is fast-paced, fun, informative, smart – and short!

What’s not to like! Great weekend listening!

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Here’s the embedded audio:

And if you’re reading this via email, here’s the link to the audio.

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