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Is it Time for Your Station to Change its Economic Model?

“We decided to change the economic model.”

That’s how Lincoln Center has thrived in an era when culture is low on the totem pole of consumer financial priorities.  So says the Center’s head, Reynold Levy.

Watch this clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

“There’a a lot of entrepreneurship at Lincoln Center,” says Levy.  Just as there should be oodles of entrepreneurship at the local market level in broadcasting.

Lincoln Center created a new visualization for what their organization can be. It’s not just “new sources of revenue” – it’s a new business model which puts those sources at the center of the brand’s strategy.

And it’s as true for radio as it is for Lincoln Center.  You’re not “radio,” you’re something bigger.

How we see our business will either handcuff us or free us.

We can only grasp as far as we choose to reach.

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