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Too Long

“Too long” You’re going to hear that more and more often. The movie, the book, the meeting, the memo… few people will tell you that they ran short. (Shorter, though, doesn’t mean less responsibility, less insight or less power. It means less fluff and less hiding.)

A three-hour podcast of your radio show is not a reward, it’s an ordeal.

Think short and snappy and frequent.

Think of attention being something that zips by you like a subway train – you have only moments to capture it and moments to keep it.

This is why blogs are disrupting newspapers. It’s why short web videos get watched, and long web videos generally don’t. It’s why people like Twitter and Facebook. It’s why magazine articles aren’t “better” than newspapers, even though they’re longer. It’s why sites that are image-driven as opposed to word-driven are now taking over the world.

I once had a broadcaster approach me with a version of Top 40 that featured the same list of songs, but all trimmed by a minute or more.  I could hardly tell the difference.

Way ahead of his time.

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