The Power of Audio – Mark Ramsey @hivio 2015

We live in a video world, don’t we? A world where pictures are worth a thousand words and are therefore a thousand times more powerful, right?

Not always. Sometimes the power of audio can be amazing, and the intimacy and impact of audio on listeners and on consumers can be monumental.

Hence my opening presentation at the recently wrapped hivio 2015, the audio future festival.

The title was “The Power of Audio.”

It’s more than a love story to audio and to those who make it and appreciate it.

If you have ever had a client question the value of audio as an ad medium, this is the presentation for you.

If you want to equip your sellers with an impactful argument that sells radio, online radio, or podcasting to potential clients, this is the presentation for you.

If you want to feel proud to be a part of the audio space, this is the presentation for you.

If you want your team to know why audio matters, this is the presentation for you.

And it’s full of examples from commercial and public radio, from movies and TV. Special thanks to Dave Ramsey for his particular highlight.

Watch this video, and share it if you like it:

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