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Strong Debut for “Inside Psycho” Podcast

Last week I told you about the new podcast I am producing for Wondery: Inside Psycho.

This week I am proud to announce that Inside Psycho is now #1 on iTunes in the TV & Film category (#46 overall at this writing).

It’s also featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy,” which is a special privilege.

Now, these are dynamic lists and rankings to be sure. Stuff changes. And iTunes rankings aren’t the whole story. But even so, with the zillions of podcasts in distribution every day it says something to be atop these lists.

If you haven’t yet sampled the teaser for Inside Psycho, I invite you to do so. You can find the audio here (or here if you’re reading this by email):

And if you would be so kind as to provide a rating and a comment at iTunes in exchange for everything you have gotten from this blog over the years, I would be very appreciative.

The debut episode premieres later next week (yes, it ranks as well as it does on the basis of the teaser alone), so subscribe now.

I hope you enjoy this effort. It’s intended to illustrate every point I have ever made about the power of audio over the years. You can judge for yourself whether I have proved those points or not.

What would audio advertising be like if it sounded like this?

It would sound a lot more compelling and be a lot more successful, for starters.

Maybe if clients knew we could create it, they would start asking for it.

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