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Spotify after Apple Music – Brian Benedik at hivio 2015


What’s in store for Spotify now that we’re living in a post-Apple Music world?

That’s what I discussed with Brian Benedik, Spotify’s North American VP for Advertising and Sponsorships at hivio 2015.

Some of the questions Brian addresses:

  1. In its news releases Spotify seems to refer to “audio shows” rather than “podcasts.” Why?

  2. Spotify has added entertainment, news, and video clips to its wealth of music. What have you learned about consumer interest in these additions? How have they added value to the platform?

  3. Exclusive content will be a big part of Apple Music. How important are content exclusives to Spotify and how big are these investments likely to be?

  4. In 2014, Spotify lost almost $200 million on revenues of $1.3 billion. So far, the company is getting farther from profitability, not closer. How and when do you see that turning around?

  5. Do the labels understand that a big chunk of the audience will never subscribe to music because all the ways to listen for free are good enough for them?

  6. When Taylor Swift pulled her music off Spotify, what happened to Spotify usage overall?

  7. What do advertisers value most about the Spotify experience?

Watch this video, and share it if you like it:

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