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Seducing PPM: A very special presentation at this year’s NAB Radio Convention

In a PPM world, what works and what doesn’t?

This isn’t an academic exercise. It’s not a function of “expert opinion.” It’s easy to figure out. But you have to do the homework.

And that’s exactly what Mercury Radio Research did.

We looked at several months of PPM ratings across both Houston and Philadelphia with specific attention focused on what stations did from a marketing and programming standpoint, whether or not it worked, and how it worked.

Among the things you’ll discover in this presentation:

– What happens when you look at specific direct mail campaigns? Does Direct Mail work? And does it work the way you think? – What happens when you match all the TV expenditures for the entire market against PPM results for those same stations? Is the money well spent or not? – Arbitron says “Friday is the new Thursday”…but that’s dead wrong. Find out why. – Arbitron says “Events drive Ratings” – but do you know the difference between an “event” and an “anti-event”? Find out in this presentation. – And a lot more stuff you won’t find anywhere else (more teases to come)

My goal is to draw marketing lessons from PPM outcomes that you can take back to your stations whether or not you are measured by PPM.

This is not a presentation of silly rules. It’s a hard-nosed assessment of what works and what doesn’t, based on the first few months of available PPM data.

It is a session not to be missed.

“Seducing PPM: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Ratings” 9:00 am, Friday, September 28, 2007 NAB Radio Show, Charlotte

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