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Radio: How Do You “Do Local”?


“Live and local” is one of the favorite phrases employed by broadcasters who want to emphasize that, unlike some other media platforms fighting for your attention and your ad dollars, we are here in your local community.

But how do you prove that? And why does it matter?

In too many cases, being “local” is an address more than an action. But if “local” isn’t an action, “local” has no value. It’s otherwise just a cushy, sweet idea.

You can’t just “be local,” you must “do local.” You can't just be local, you must DO local Click To Tweet

You can’t do this with your music in a land of nationally-based hits. You can’t do this just by using locally-based voices. Who cares?

You do it by creating locally-resonant value. You “do local” by making your proximity meaningful.

So how do other brands do this? For example, how can a national restaurant chain actually reinforce the idea that it is local, too? More important, how does this brand make that localism meaningful for its customers? How is that even possible?!

Well, if you’re Smashburger, you don’t just say you’re local, you “do local.”

Here’s how Smashburger gives what it calls “local love”:

Thinking local is one thing, living it is something else altogether. With that in mind, we’ve created 44 unique burgers specifically for where you call home. To bring even more of the outside in, we’ve sourced the best beers from your neck of the woods and have paired them thoughtfully with the perfect burgers from our menu.

Sounds good to me. In fact, sounds GREAT to me.

I’m hungry for something local. What about you? What about your audience?

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