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NPR’s New Ability to Power Streaming Monetization

NPR’s recent deal with Triton Digital is more than a means of measuring webcast metrics.  It’s also an important step in the direction of monetizing NPR’s streaming content and sharing that revenue potential and that power with affiliate stations.

Listen as I talk with Jay Sterin, Triton’s VP Digital, about what the new capabilities of NPR’s streaming assets will mean to the the network and its affiliates alike:

Alternate version:

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In particular, this new deal gives local affiliates the ability to replace over-the-air spots with stream-only spots. Given the unique nature of the content, the revenue prospects for both local stations and the network are considerable.

This is a point worth remembering as some commercial broadcasters lobby for the ability to combine in-stream and over-the-air ads (challenged today by AFTRA) just as NPR is doing exactly the oppositeand they don’t even have to since they are not constrained by AFTRA.

What do they know that other broadcasters don’t?

How big is the potential streaming market compared to the display market that NPR has already effectively monetized?

“[NPR sees] them as very comparable,” says Jay. “Go where the audience is, and make money.”

Sounds good to me.

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