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Introducing “Media Unplugged” with Mark Ramsey and Tom Asacker


So what’s really going on in media today? What are the critical trends we need to focus on, and what do they mean for our future?

It’s time to un-spin some of the media hype we take for granted and get to the truth.

That’s why I’m happy to announce a new podcast.

I’m teaming up with legendary brand guru, Fortune 500 advisor, author, and thought leader Tom Asacker for a show we’re calling Media Unplugged.

Every couple weeks we’ll tackle some of the hot topics in media (and not just radio) and try to peel the truth from the spin.

In this week’s premiere episode, Tom and I talk about why media leaders never seem to accept change gracefully and what Disney’s decision to sell off almost all of their owned radio stations means for the radio industry, for Disney, and for distribution.

Also, Tom rants about the suddenly controversial “ice bucket challenge” and I rave about the joys of Netflix streaming.

You can read our show notes at the show’s website –

Don’t forget to subscribe to Media Unplugged at Stitcher or on iTunes.

And tweet us at @tomasacker and @markramseymedia using #mediaunplugged if you have any comments or content ideas.

Here’s the embedded audio:

And if you’re reading this via email, here’s the link to the audio.

More in a couple weeks! It’s great weekend listening!

PS if you’d like to help us produce this show on a regular basis, let me know (I’m pretty sure my audience is full of audio professionals)! We’ll be happy to give you credit in the show and on the site.

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