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Radio barely scratches the surface of co-creation – the idea that today’s digitally empowered consumers are also producers – makers – of content. And content-makers want nothing more than an audience for their content. Platforms abound, but audiences and the attention they possess remain precious and scarce.

If there’s one thing a successful radio brand has it’s an audience. So how can a broadcaster invite its audience of content-makers to make that content in their presence and integrate it into the brand’s platform?

Historically, listeners could make content for broadcasters only by successfully requesting a song or calling in to a talk show. But thanks to technology it’s an all-new game. And the opportunities don’t end with crowd-sourced programming platforms like Jelli or LDR.

Remember the old “guest DJ” shows? Well now those can happen all the time in bite size chunks, get shared across social media, and be monetized by your brand.

One mobile app,, features a built-in mix studio. The user voices up to 30 seconds of audio, adds sound effects, and publishes each snack-size radio show for their fans and friends. Stations can air some of these, thus magnifying the impact of each content-maker and increasing the engagement of the audience in the brand’s presence (not to mention the advertiser’s presence).

It’s like offering a “free show” to an endless talent base: Your audience. After all, Facebook makes money off content-makers like you. So does YouTube. Why shouldn’t your radio brand do likewise?

Hand over to your content-makers the power to publish their own showbiz gossip or sports reports. Invite them to make their own comedy bits or movie/concert reviews. Use your imagination!

Here’s a peek at’s features from company co-founder Blair Giesen (click the image to play the video):

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